Bode Miller gets down and beat up in this year`s World Cup Super G...the 2015 grandaddy.  This guy is and has been our USA all-time best.  It was right away, off to see the Vail surgeons to stitch his hamstring back together.  What a lousy break...he was winning the race...all because the gate he hooked with his wrist didn`t release as it was supposed to.

His crash was unsettling to watch.  Imagine what he felt...he reported it was like getting beaten with nightsticks (I wonder if he had time to think of those Ferguson cops in St. Louis).  It doesn`t look that great for more World Cups for Bode...he`s 37 now...and even he hints it`s time(?) to hang them up.

What great shows Bode has given we ski freaks, for so many seasons.  Good for you...thank you:
Mr. Bode Miller.

And here me sits on the couch, with the remote and the Tube...still whining about my busted ribs...from my spastic bodyslammer on one of our itty bitty bunny pitches.  Please,  Mick.  Please...