You must get out of Telluride from time to time to end the cabin fever...just as it is in most anyplace you have deposited yourself.  Telluride`s narrow cul de sac is especially important to escape...those canyon walls are demanding. 

It was a drive to Boulder for me first to attend niece Hannah`s graduation from Boulder High.  About 425 grads in gowns and mortar boards lined up on the football field on a good day, one where there rains stopped enough to get those diplomas.  The Denver/Boulder area was drenched for it was in Telluride.

After the Boulder party it was into Denver to stay with my 68 year old adopted son, Ramon.
On a lazy Sunday I picked a first visit for both of us to the Clyfford Still Museum downtown.
Still`s complete collection of works not privately held is exhibited.  For some reason his works were designated to be in Denver.  They built a museum for it. 

Impressive is Still for me...that too the museum where his work exhibited.  I first laid looks at Still when I lived in San Francisco...some of his pieces were hung at the SF Art Institute. 

Clyfford Still could paint.  They built that museum as a proof.  Worth it.