Any baseball fan (me, for one)...or any bored human simply looking at TV...who tuned into Game 2 of the Cardinals vs Giants last night got to see the best baseball can offer.

This was a barn burner...or, call it in another oldtimerspeak, a seesaw contest to the very end.  Mr. Wong rounding 1st base here won the thing in the bottom of the 9th by smacking a line drive over the right field wall on a change-of-speed pitch by Sergio Romo, the former closer for the Giants.

This thriller had everything that pinches a baseball human...good pitching, wondrous, critical catches, a wild dash to home to tie the game, late lead-changing homers.  It was a seat changer.

45,000+ fans in Busch Stadium were on their feet, screaming, pounding on each other, tossing their small children into the next section.  So exciting on the boob tube, too...unless all your blood had been just drained by a mean neighbor you had no pulse.

One pulse in Buenos Aires was working...I got an email from one of my St. Louis boys travelling Argentina to Anarctica, Senor Baby Bird...he told me: "I`m the only one in 12 million people in Buenos Aires, screaming at (1) in the morning, right now!"

What a ballgame...thank you Mr. Wong, for one.