I have always wondered why people live in Buffalo...especially my pal Tom the Geek and his fine wife Lynne and his 16 year old daughter Rachael.  Granted, I know nothing about Buffalo so any following insults about the place are ignorant, low blows:

National news about this Buffalo storm report 5 1/2` of what is White Gold if it`s in Telluride.  It is still coming down there, apparently.  So I texted Tom the Geek last night to see if he can still get to his outhouse...not really knowing his finances.

 Tom texted back:  SHIT PANTS.

 I texted back:  Do NOT shit bed.

This Telluride dawn, today, Tom texted me again: where he lives they only have 6"-8" though he did not mention any outhouse. 

Tom did text: Haitian presidential candidate DUDIS COKE is residing in NYC.  Back East is a funny place.

Tom the Geek and family may come ski Telluride this winter...I hope so and invited them.  I did not invite Dudis Coke...still chortling about the Haitian presidential candidate`s name...Tom says:  FOR REAL!!!

We only got 30" from our storm here, but, we are hoping for lots...there`s enough though for Turkey Day, when we open the ski hill.