Matt Carpenter was the Cardinal who Kicked Kershaw`s Ass yesterday...instead of our ace Adam I bragged would happen yesterday.  It shows what know: very little.

Wainwright got his ass kicked by hot Dodgers bats and rotten control of his fastball in Game 1 of the NLDS.  Wainwright was quoted postgame, "I stunk."   Both aces, both 20-game winners this year,
both heinies: whipped.  Some days a guy just can`t get off that stool.

It was a classic ballgame.  Tense...brawls about to boil...seesaws.  A camera showed a little Dodger kid crossing himself, rapid fire, asking Jesus to save his stars.  It didn`t work with Jesus this holding my breath on the couch whipped that Holy Crossing... for my Cardinals to win instead.  I may ask Jesus for Game 2...tonight as Lance Lynn starts for the Cards.

I want to tie-in (2) Fall Classics here...I just remembered what I was thinking to blog(my web man says I must do it to stay alive in this shark puddle)...Telluride is bluebell clear today@ 55 degrees right now, whitecapped up top, green and gold pouring below.  Fall postcards don`t come close to this Telluride can`t be copied.

I may call Jesus though to copy that Cardinals win yesterday..for tonight.  That little Dodger kid will be making his Crosses...wherever he is for Game 2.