Very unusual this year...we still have those gold aspens in the Telluride cul de sac...up high...and even lower on the ski hill into Town and along our Highway 145 which leads into Town.  The winds have denuded a bunch of the trees, but there`s plenty of gilded troopers hanging on, putting on a nice show.

Some bars like The Sheridan (my gin mill) are closing shop until just before Thanksgiving...restaurants as well...various shops...and The Gondola is shutting for its fall maintenance work.  It has slowed down here.  Locals have made their escapes for beach and city fixes.  Adios, boys and girls.

It`s time...until the ski mountain fires Thanksgiving.   I will stick it out, working on some deals...they actually are in play...until then...Mick is here.   Work, work, work.