I was born there.  Went to high school there in another part of town.  Furguson was in another country, up north.  South St. Louis where I was, manuevering to escape ASAP, was essentially all white.  We had a few black kids in my high school, living pretty much like us.  It wasn`t a big deal among my friends.  We all were just kids.

But...it was all there...more in private.  We all knew, though. St. Louis was not a very good place to be black.  A racist murmur to me, mostly.  Sometimes it was more open talk and action.   They were called Negroes, or something else...and often...by my family, less often, by my friends.

Then the 1960s Civil Rights Movement came...my era as a young "adult."  A grand change about much, to:

From ultra liberal Telluride, Honkeyville, when Michael Brown was killed by the white cop Brown (what irony) in August I reacted:  it`s the same back there...different, though similar.

I`m not surprised by the rage and riot, now.  I have been wary of the tribal, racial divides, always...in St. Louis, in America, on a great deal of our planet.  It is one of the reasons I ran away to Colorado to hide in 1970.  Get out.  Get away.  Forget it.

Obama just said on NPR radio, as I write this lament...yes, there is progress.  But...

These are also some pale reasons I thought, here from far away to make meager comment:
how sad, how dreadful...still.