I read what I could conveniently find on Mike Nichols when news of his death @ 83 was reported this week.  What a sharpshooter resume.. at minimum...for my fading `60s generation he hit some perfect buttons.  Mind reading me...my demented conversations I constantly had back then with only me in the room...and still in the room today.  They are still babbling.  Never have they gone away to leave some peace, or quiet.  Or mental composure.

Nichols` 1st conversation with me was Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  I got stunned  by Liz and Dick`s brutal assaults...so intense I sat in their room instead of the movie house I was in.  Wherever that was...likely Columbia, MO.  Where all I thought about was the girls and the women and having sex with most all of them, who would never give a look.  That`s why there was the bad drinking...into full dolthood.

#2 was Nichols` The Graduate.  A lot of us loaded fools lived in that room...how to get away from those encyclopedia salesmen and into that girl`s pants....more than once.

Next it was how to get into Candace Bergen`s skivvies in Carnal Knowledge.  Tormenting.
The real filmic thing drove Nicholson nuts.  How Nichols pulled that off...even my dazed memory can sense a taste of those bitters.

#4 and last up for me comes Charlie Wilson`s War.  Mr. Nichols switched Tom Hanks` apparent persona, to me, into an unimaginable and real human bottle rocket, Congressman Charlie Wilson.  I would never see Hanks as Charlie Wilson, but, I certainly. did.  Both Nichols and Hanks produced a farcical and real serious show.  Julia Roberts...sharp, not bad at all...no sir...Ms. Queen of Texas.  They turned real, to me, about some real bullshit in Afghanistan.

We are still doing it over there.  Our 2000`s Vietnam...sculpted by Latter Day Assholes with far more murderous toys.

Adios Mike Nichols...really good.