In Telluride it is full offseason.  Almost no one in the few bars open.  Most restaurants are closed for the beach, the jungle, or the museums, or the golf course.  Lots of spots to park on Main St.

St. Louis is going full season.  The Cardinals have left Jupiter and gone north...beginning Opening Day in Chicago, so cold and nasty they had to cancel Game 2.  Wainwright whipped the Cubs` new ace Lester in the Opener.  In the rubber game the Cards got shut out 2-0...#2 Birds starter Lynn pitched a good one, but, the Boys couldn`t hit.

On to Cincinnati...the Cards took 2 of 3...on to St. Louis for Monday`s home opener...Wainwright loses to the Brewers on unearned runs...errors...not typical play.

It`s now slow enough in Telluride I have to write this blog thing if I can make myself do it about St. Louis...and I like talking about the Cardinals...following them every day...we have the MLB TV all over.

 Boys from St. Louis do this...they were born to it.