It`s 55 degrees in Telluride today.  Sitting on a bench outside my Telluride Realty office on Main St. in the sun I looked up at our Coonskin skiers, shading my shades like some Sioux, looking over the buffalo swarm on the Plains, getting ready for the kills.  It is bright, it`s warm, it`s is not supposed to be 55 degrees...that`s March skiing.

They looked like small, weaving dots, ants sliding down this photo.  It is groomed, really flat on the run.  Oh did it look like big fun.  I wished.  But not today for is the DL for Mick.  Last Saturday I pulled a real bodyslammer and busted up my ribs.  I laid there for awhile...maybe I called for Mommy.  And I was able to hit on my left side where I have had a new, titanium hip installed...more worry.  The worst was that I blew it just outside our Gorrono bar, skating outside (no drinks, never drinks during skiing) the old cabin to get to Lift 4.  The pitch I exploded upon is a really short, bunny pitch that a 2 year old can do without a scrape or bruise.  Embarassing...but nobody saw and nobody cared.  Except me.

So today, until these ribs allow me to sneeze, blow my nose, cough, and do other functions I watch the ants on Coonskin from the bench.  Oooh...just the way it works.