Mr. P. Chapman is almost finished re-doing his sweet little cabin over in Norwood.  He says...

I have been over to his place a few times this summer and fall (I think I have) see Peter`s and Bella`s puppies (now adopted) and to check on his remodel.  It is a nice spot over there...the cabin has come along well from what I saw during those visits.

A few of we guys were to visit Chapman`s new digs some days before Thanksgiving.  He was to cook us birds he shot in Montana.  Pheasant and Hungarian partridge.  That morning it was snowing, a dense storm.
Roomie Bo cancelled from his Barcalounger.  Sled Tater cancelled on our phone call...saying the drive up Norwood Hill is a no`s a blizzard...or, almost.  So I called Peter to tell him we are a no show.

This call did not go well.  Mr. P. Chapman had defrosted many birds, done the market, and did not do his skiing because of it. I got on the Shit List...again...understandable, but there was a reasonable excuse.
No, no...on the Shit List.

I still want to go to Peter`s new Norwood home.  I like to check on my Boy`s progress...and eat his birds.
I don`t think I should arrange dinner parties.