The Fire Dancers were impressive on the makeshift stages.  They twirled flamed batons as they did  hybrid
dance/gymnastics which reminded me of a Cirque du Soleil performance...this was a bit smaller production...but the night time shows worked for the fans.  Especially the little ones.

Night #2 my Boss Man (and web/blog designer) took me off Fire Extinguisher Boy and put me on Fire Starter and Tender Boy.  Slightly west of this stage act, here surrounded by the fans, I fed the fire pit welded up by Boss Man.  He told me:  keep this thing going big.  I figured out why pretty quick...these fans came to toast their pinkies.  It was cold.  The little ones were cold, so,  they would inch to firepit and ask me:
can I throw some wood on it too?

How can Fire Tender Boy say no...especially to Julie McA`s two darlings, Reece and Luca.  Luca can`t be more than 2 or maybe 3...Ms. Julie McAfee left my Telluride Realty firm after she produced Luca...intensely darling girls, both.  Reece will be a handsome young out.

A good show for the fans.  And it really was for me too, especially because of Luca.