Their place in the Bahamas on Rum Cay sure looks to be a fine target to get out of Telluride for one of those me.

Yes, the skiing is excellent here. The storms have donated good cover. There were something like 8,000+ skiers on the mountain yesterday.  It could be a record.  When I got to Lift 9 to go down Bushwacker, then the Plunge I saw a record breaker lift line...most seemed pretty happy.  Never had I seen it that backed I got in the singles line and didn`t try either run.  I hightailed it over to #14 and skied some Gold Hill...nice stuff...not so many humans waiting to go up. I`m in no hurry anymore, my deformities always explain why...but still...

It is good here.

But, Sue and Oscar`s beach...Sue sent me this shot as a reply to my Christmas office party invite.  Sue says:
no ski any about this instead.

Sue is a smart woman.  Oscar isn`t too bad either.

Happy New Year,