The storm was big.   Telski reports 27" of new dropped on us.  The weather people said it would be big...they got it right this time.

I went up yesterday afternoon instead of at the morning bell, since I`m so busted up...banged ribs, sprained ankle (L), bone bruise on ankle (R) the titanium in the knee(R) and in the hip (L).  Plus I`m skittish like an old man in his walker...the ones with wheels on them...the old fart mumbling in a WalMart aisle.
How did this happen?  Huh?

By the time I got into the Chair 9 liftline (it was packed with people I have never seen here, ever) and got up top for run #1 the mountain was tracked out and bumped out.  So I was skiing soft chop, OK.  But soft chop bumps, not so OK for an old WalMart shopper in a walker.

Visibility was not visible...the snow was dumping, still.  These conditions are the prime ribs of skiing...or if you like better...the Ferraris of skiing.  So I got low, drove as best I could around instead of into the bumps and hoped I didn`t blow apart something else on my Adonis body.  Bumping by braille...

This skiing is tough, but, it can be real good, so much good snow...if you can pull it off.  You can smell it is real good.