Coming into Telluride today on our Hwy 145 Spur I stopped to shoot this photo of a small herd of elk.  It is unusual to see them on this north side of the road...and overseen by new snow in mid-May down low from our peaks.

On the opposite side of the highway in our $50 million Valley Floor bought from the Blues Brothers of
La Jolla after a drawn out court fight was more their usual grazing area.  Got them left, got them right.

It`s snowing again right now.  It`s been doing it or raining for weeks...most of May.  It will help our water portfolio for the summer.  It may drown the dandelions...the elk will be fine.

Look close here like our tourists do when they pull off the highway to gawk...maybe you can watch the elk too.

I`ll try to figure out how to install a better photo format next blog.