More snow is blowing into the peaks this morning.  We are not getting accumulation on the sidewalks yet, just sprinkles.  Still, it`s time to find the shovels.  I can hear the chainsaw outside my deck...Attorney Road Hawg drove to the Olathe sawmill to get a load for his Ophir fireplace...he heats his entire joint, still, with wood as most of us did when we limped into Town in the `70s.

 We got real pigeontoed from the `60s.  Fried, too.

Nowadays there`s few woodburners in Telluride`s town limits...those smoke belchers got converted to gas in the ordinance we `60s refugees passed.  It was needed...our winter morning inversions were so dense that as you drove into town with a Grand Poobah hangover you could think you made a very wrong turn...and were on a LA freeway.

It`s time, too, to get those early season skis out of the rafters...and hose off the dust.  It`s coming...