The promoters of this thing are calling it the Telluride Fire Festival...I call it the Flamethrowers Festival.
This contraption has been hauled in, I guess, from Burning Man, that pyschedlic-fired deal they stage in Nevada`s Black Rock desert around Labor Day...this Flamethrowers event seems to have been hauled in from Burning Man also.

The 1st Burning Man was done in San Francisco, of course...remember: pyschedlics.  It was a kind of
solstice excuse to get loaded and burn something on Baker Beach, in 1986.  I moved to SF in 1987.
The Burning People constructed one of these effigies to be torched on a vacant lot across the street from Boz Scaggs` new niteclub...first called The Billy outstanding name for a Blues joint.  I don`t know what jerk or jerkoff bureau made them change it, but, it was.  To Slim`s.  Not near as good.  The music was...and sometimes wasn`t.  I don`t recall many of the shows I saw.

This was my 1st Burning Man...across the street from the Billy Club...on a thin, vacant lot at San Francisco`s South of Market area.  One of my Main Men from Columbia, MO, in SF had his photo studio around the corner on Folsom St.  Mr. Tise.  His studio had a loft where I would crash when I came in from Telluride...or when I was too hammered from Slim`s (nee The Billy Club) after I moved to The City.  Tise`s studio was in the heart of the photog`s district...lots of photographic folks scrambling to make their those mortgages.  The photo labs were could do your shoots and get things processed by the lab pro(s) almost next door to your studio...where I would wake up, hungover, sometimes...when Tise was setting up his shoot that day.

Them were the days...ugly...from the night before.  I never did find my Darling Young One at Slim`s (nee The Billy Club).  Though, through  Jesus, I tried.  Boz had a Slim`s partner named Jack Slick.  Jack was  a guy with 2nd rate cruel eyes...the ones that had that dead zone smell.  Slick was some kind of nom de negociants.  He could have been a Polack or something like that...rigor mortis eyes.  Jack sometimes had this hard Chinese woman with him.  They wore black leathers.  She really looked to be serious danger...not the 2nd tier amateur thing that Jack was.  Their stories could not be always legal...there was that smell somewhere, in there.

And the SOMA area was a depravo lugar.  My Man Tise`s studio was next door to a SM den called The Slot.  A Boys Club for the ones who want to be beaten...and those who love to beat them.  Tise could hear the screams blowing through his wall.  When he first moved into his place there was skylight above his little studio pissoir,  with sink and shower.  At work in there, he looked up.  There`s The Boys leering down at Tise`s works, pants down.  He had the skylight painted black...from the inside.  When he went up to his roof  survey the job there were used fits all over both roofs...The Boys had a semiprivate al fresco shooting gallery.  I wonder if Jack Slick and his China Crone ever came to those parties.

I was going to tell about one of my parties while Tise was out of town and I crashed there : not at The Slot, next to it at Studio Tise...not boys...girls.

But I won`t.  I still have the quasi Irish Catholic guilt.  Too bad...

Tise left San Francisco.  He sold everything: Jaguars, Studio Tise, the house in Mill Valley with the crazy ex-model, ex-wife and slacker son and Boxer Doggy Chloe.  He moved to Bangkok.  He has a nice, sweet Thai wife.

But now:  we have Burning Man in the heart of the Rockies...Telluride Fire Festival.  I`m a volunteer because my web guy,  maybe even my pal, who sets up these blog pages and my website where I croon to sell real estate asked me to chip in.

It doesn`t matter too one really reads these.  The big problem is these don`t work cash calls are ignored...

So I`ll be there these next 3 nights to man the extinguisher.   To put out  Telluride Burning Man fires.