We are in the heart of the offseason in Telluride.  It is not really shorts weather.  The midget in the middle of this trio knows better, so today he is in his khakis and a nice and soft black sweater with one of those so stylish 1/2 zippers.

The Sheridan is closed.  The Last Dollar Saloon is closed.  O`Bannon`s gin mill is open, but, since I once owned the place (started the joint as a nightclub in the 80`s...sold it ASAP) I don`t go there.  It`s some ugly memories I have about the joint.  Even though all was not ugly...at times the music was good...sometimes it was excellent.  The news about one of the marvelous songbirds who performed in my place, then called
Trinity Tavern, is sad...Margo Reed is her name.  She left the planet a few days ago at 73.

Margo Reed was some wonderful girl...and a special show...very special.  Vaya con dios Margo.

So looking for gin and tonic, it is a wait for The Sheridan to open up again.  I think it will be May.  I  must mix martinis at the homestead...with Cardinals baseball on the tube...burgers on the grille.

This makes for a limited social deal.  This threesome must wait for The Sheridan or get out of town like those who are equipped with cash and brains do this time of the year.  The bookends in this pix have done just that.