This guy is Jason Heyward...he`s the new dude (we hope) in right field for my only current beloved: the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cards traded two young, highly regarded pitchers for Heyward.  Their #1 prospect who was to take over right for them, Oscar Taveras, killed himself and his girlfriend in a drunken car wreck in the Dominican Republic during the World Series.  The Giants had whipped the Cardinals in the NL championships, so Oscar was back home, sporting like a lot of young bucks do .Upsetting for a bunch of people...the Dominican families and the Cardinals, and Cardinals nutcase fans...I am one.

Oscar was called "El Fenomeno" in the Dominican, they were crazy about him there...big things were predicted for him in the Cardinals RF.

He was an impressive young kid...a bonafide hitter.  But...

Now it`s Heyward`s turn...and he is deemed the best defensive RF in the National League.
 And he is a hitter.

Why am I writing this one in the middle of our Telluride winter, now that we have gotten 3` of new of manna from Ullr and Co. (we really needed was getting hard and thin on the mountain)?  I don`t know exactly, but, the 180 degree contrast made me want to look longer at the Spring Training stories happening for the Cardinals down there in Jupiter.

I want to go.