Alan Olson is a buddy of mine in Sausalito, or maybe an ex-buddy who has not yet told me to never contact him again, who is overseeing this project next to the Sausalito tennis courts I played during my career in San Francisco.  Those courts are windy...not as bad as a Telluride blowhard who I would like to see cooked on a spit.  Then dried as Doggy Jerky.  I know some doggys would like this.

I got sidetracked here.  He`s not worth it, Mr. Doggy Jerky.  Sometimes though...

Alan Olson is worth a lot and so is this pictured project:  The Educational Tall Ship project.  I also call Alan, "Master."  He is a shipwright I hired to recommission a little 32` boat in Sausalito years ago.  I was The Master`s grunt on the re-do...and I wrote the checks from the cash sent me by the new owner of this little boat...once another buddy.  Another, bad tale about that buddy...not now.

This ETS project is building the Matthew Turner...a fair and smaller version of the boats that Benicia boatbuilder Matthew Turner produced.  He apparently built more wooden ships than any human in America.
The photo here shows how far they have come on this 100` long ship...and I think it is beautiful.  I think the project is.  Alan Olson has attracted all kinds to volunteers to construct this dream he has had for a long time...retired guys, kids, women, boat freaks...maybe even doggys to oversee the tent they have wrapped the boat in so they can work in weather.

A wonderful effort in Sausalito as it snows in much so I wanted to throw in my 2 cents:
Good for you people in Sausalito...

Especially my guy Alan Olson:  (say "hi" from me to Angie, please).