It`s always my joy when I find photos of Art like this one.  Art is our San Miguel County Commissioner and a poet.  He writes poetry and organizes poets to gather, get loaded, and recite...this is a good turn...poets tend to sit in their rooms alone, muttering to themselves.  The lucky ones actually get their work out in the open.

Luckier poets come out of their rooms and hang out with Rosemerry (the babe in this photo...with Art).
I went to a 70th birthday party at her house Down Valley last Fall?...on the way to Norwood (Art lives in Norwood...his place looks like a pyschedelic rancher`s homeless shelter).  Rosemerry is a good cook and looks good doing the dishes...I would ask her to wear a French maid`s outfit for the dishes, but that husband of hers...

Hanging with Art is OK too...I like my rare interludes with the Boy...he`s a real funny to be with.
I have actually recited my mutterings with Art, years ago, in this night club I owned in Telluride.  The club was a disaster for me, at drove me into my room...doing bad things and thinking bad things.
These things drove me out of San Francisco...for years.  I`m completely guilty.

These two poets are getting active this Spring.  They are joining up at the 1st Headwaters Poetry Fest in Gunnison...then off to Denver for the 26th Colorado Poetry Rodeo.  I think Art should haul his psychedelic Norwood  Rancho Deluxe with him to show the Denver crowds...poetry in motion, askew.  They call this Denver gig  the Podeo...clever hoodoo.

I want to go...I need to get out of here.  We all do here to keep from getting more nuts.  Most humans in Telluride do leave this time of the year.  They know they must.

Art does.  Rosemerry does.  So they are`s snowing here of  those deadly, gray Spring Days.

Poesie uber Alles!  Seig!  Vamos!

Adios.  Vaya con Dios.  And what else?